The History of Chincoteague Seafood

Chincoteague Seafood Co., Inc. a local, family-owned business has successfully operated boats and processing facilities in Chincoteague and Atlantic, Virginia, located just south of the Maryland line. Chincoteague is nationally known as the home of high quality seafood, particularly clams, crabs and oysters. It is also famous because it is the focal point every year of the nationally known Pony Swim, in which the wild Assateague ponies are gathered together for a swim across a shallow channel into Chincoteague, where many are auctioned off.

Our company was started in 1955 when Bernard Rubin, our founder and Chairman, began selling our clam chowder to restaurants in New England. In 1968, as a result of a clam supply problem in the Northeast, he searched for a new location and opened a processing facility in Atlantic, Virginia to take advantage of the area's abundant supply of high quality clams. In 1974, as a result of company growth, the second processing facility was opened in Chincoteague, Virginia and also became the corporate headquarters.

In May 2001, we acquired and moved into a brand new distribution center in Parsonsburg, MD (outside of Salisbury, MD), and also moved the corporate headquarters to this location. This facility has a total size of approximately 6,000 square feet and is one-eighth of a mile off of Rt. 50, and approximately 2 miles from Rt. 13, allowing greater access to our trucking companies that transport our products to our many repeat specialty gift, retail, wholesale, and institutional customers around the country, and the future expansion of our company.

Our newest venture, in July 2008, was the acquisition of the Gordon's Chesapeake Classic® and Gordon's Chesapeake Naturally® lines of soups. This has allowed us increased market penetration throughout the country with pre-existing, established distributor and retail market chain accounts.

Utilizing commercial boats, fresh sea clams and ocean clams are harvested from the coastal waters off of New Jersey through Virginia. Once harvested, the clams are immediately processed to ensure their freshness. As a result ,we can guarantee the quality of our finished products.

Our product line can best be described as a "gourmet quality" line that is competitively priced with most standard seafood soups. We cut no corners on quality and the results can be seen in our finished products. Today, we sell our products to restaurants, colleges, hospitals, other institutions, and retail consumers throughout the United States. Our uncompromising recipes are based on fresh, high-quality ingredients, and provide a homemade authentic taste and presentation. We use no MSG, preservatives, artificial colorings or artificial flavorings in our soups . . . NATURALLY SEA-LICIOUS!

We have been awarded The American Masters of Taste Award of Excellence Certificates on our product line, with the Best in Show (a score of 10 out of 10 possible points) for our: New England Clam Chowder, Corn Chowder,Vegetable Red Crab Soup, Lobster Bisque, and White Clam Sauce. We are also a participant in the Virginia's Finest program.

From its inception, Chincoteague Seafood Co., Inc. has been active in all phases of the seafood business from operating its own boats and processing plants; and today, maintains a large commercial and retail distribution network.

We look forward to adding you to our distinguished customer base!

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