Frequently Asked Questions

This is the place to find out the answers commonly  asked of us by our customers. If you have a particular question, not addressed here, or need  more information, please feel free to contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Q1: Where do I find your products?
A1: We are at your local grocery store. If you are  not able to purchase our products in your local  market area, we have setup this website for your  ordering convenience.

Q2: What makes your products better than other  store brands?
A2: Our products have been formulated with high  quality ingredients, just as you would use in making the  item "from scratch", and are "Naturally Sea-Licious"  without added MSG, preservatives, artificial flavorings,  or colorings.

Q3: How do I order your product?
A3: We have a variety of ways to order. Please refer  to the Ordering Info section for a complete description.   We can accept fax, phone and mail orders for a variety  of sizes and quantities based on your needs. In the  future, we will feature online automated credit card  processing.

Q4: Can I place larger orders than I see priced on the  site?
A4: Yes. Please contact the factory for a quotation for  volume ordering.

Q5: Can I mix cases of product to save on shipping  costs?
A5: Yes. If you enjoy a variety of our products, and  would like to take advantage of better shipping, by all  means take advantage of a mixed case of our delicious  product. However, the unit cost of each can will remain  the same. For example, if you order order 2 New England Clam Chowders, 2 Cream of Crab Soups and 2 Lobster  Bisque, then you will get pricing for individual unit costs  per can. However, your shipping will calculated based  on the "6 can" UPS shipping rate.

Q6: My question was not listed, what do I do?
A6: Please feel free to Contact Us by phone, fax, e-mail or our convenient contact form with any  questions or request for more information. We  welcome your questions. 

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